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Before and after each client session (face-to-face or online) you will be asked to complete two simple online client feedback forms, these forms being the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) & the Session Rating Scale (SRS). 


This allows Relationship Matters to measure feedback for ongoing quality assurance of the services delivered and for ongoing treatment adjustment to ensure the maximum benefit of the requested service delivery.

The ORS will be on a Tablet handed to you to fill in at the beginning of each session (or emailed to you prior to an online session) and the SRS will be an online form for which you will receive an email with a web link to complete the form after your session.

Please complete the SRS form within 48 Hours of your visit. The SRS can be completed on a computer or mobile device.

A Post-Therapy Outcome Questionnaire also forms part of the RML Practice Feedback methodology.


Please go to the following link for more information on the tools we use to measure our client outcomes.

                       CLIENT TESTIMONY                    

Since working with Steve, I have noticed a big improvement in my relationship with my daughter, most recently during an extended family visit together.


I felt that there was a new warmth, respect and freedom beginning to grow between us.


I will always be thankful for Steve’s help in this healing.


Steve has demonstrated an outstanding ability as a Counsellor, and is able to seamlessly combine compassion and humour in his work.

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