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I met Steve Taylor at the worst time in my life.


We began a conversation about truth, and how to help me say things I had never said. but needed to.


This conversation has extended (off and on) over nearly a decade. and has been one of the most important conversations I have ever had.

I am disclosing the bones of it here.

I like to pretend I was never suicidal.

People around me like to pretend too.

They say "well if you didn't do it, you didn't mean it“.

There was no sympathy (just empathy) in this counselling relationship; I didn't like him much, but I needed help.

Life had failed me, and I had failed life.

I trusted no-one; it took a year I think for Steve to gain my trust.

I suppose he worked at it, and I suppose I was too desperate to not trust someone.

I ended up in Steve's office in total breakdown, born out of a lifetime of never saying ‘no', living in co-dependence,
suffering cluster migraines, an over the counter codeine prescription addiction, a water bottle permanently full of
gin as my companion, high risk encounters in isolated places, from a family of high Christian expectations, standards and performance.


I was tired, so very, very tired.

By not living my milestones with integrity of heart, my heart had collapsed on itself, and I had to stand up and live
everything with courage to deal with what life brings.

In brief, I had to grow up in my identity.

So I dried out; I volunteered to help others; l travelled; I lived alone for the first time in my life; I exercised; I lived
overseas for a time, and even survived a serious sexual assault.

In all of these new experiences, I came to love life, I came to love being alive, and to love me, just as I am.

I am now unafraid to be afraid.

I am just me as I am; I love my life, and I experience a higher power with no judgement.

I remembered the possibility of goodness: I remembered me, and I began to live a life that was true to my identity.

Steve was there with me all the way through.

With integrity, patience, trust, and belief, Steve never gave up on me even though I had given up on myself.

I am completely grateful to Steve for his help, and I consider myself very fortunate to have been dragged back into life,
interrupted, and stopped from stepping towards death.

Steve made the journey with me, and with patience he waited for me to trust both him and myself.

I reluctantly let him help me; I wanted no one to help me, yet I did.

Steve helped me shift from the identity of who I thought I should be and the heaviness that gave me, to the identity
I have now, which is a much lighter burden to bear.

I am sixty two years old and just beginning to know accept and love life.

In this age of suicide and depression, I am certain I would not be alive today without Steve's help.

What Steve has to say comes from real life, not a textbook, and every word has been formed out of integrity, compassion and hope, because Steve seems to intuitively know what it is for people to be without these things, which to me made and makes him entirely credible as a helper to those in need.

So Steve... Thank you.

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